ECASA Case Studies

The Burren Smokehouse

The Burren Smokehouse Case Study on Master levelReference No. ECASA_2021_8 EN Abstract The Burren Smokehouse is one of Ireland’s best known artisan producers of organic Smoked Salmon, Mackerel, Trout and Gauda Cheese using 100% Irish quality raw materials for its...

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IQ-Pass: access to growth

IQ-Pass: access to growth Case study on Master levelRef. No. ECASA_2021_4 EN Abstract The market of (temporary) access control is one example of an industry that is impacted by digitization and internationalisation. New possibilities come up and ask for reaction from...

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Case Partners

  • Birkman – Management Consulting
  • IQ Pass – Control Systems
  • UAB SDG – Recruitment Based on Values
  • JSC “Bavarus” Textile Manufacturer
  • GEA Farm Technologies: Building Core Competencies through Internal and External Growth
  • Entering the Next Level of Value Generation: Servitization and Digitization for Industry 4.0- IFM electronics
  • Glendalough Whiskey – The Growth Challenge
  • Portwest’s Future Strategy – Fashioning Workwear: Threading the Needle