Information for Organisations

ECASA is strongly committed to develop the business case method as a regional-based but international-oriented – integrated approach in research, teaching, and business practice.

We are committed to the co-creation of business cases together with European SMEs for university education and company training. The objective is to address real business problems from the perspective of the decision-makers, and foster an intense transfer-relationship between companies and universities in regional innovation and business ecosystems.

ECASA Case Study Partners

Below is a list of the SMEs we are currently working with in each of the markets. Contact us if you would like to explore potential collaborations.


Birkman International is an industry-leading behavioural and occupational assessment company headquartered in Houston, Texas with an extensive global reach. The company began assessing personality through a proprietary methodology founded by innovative organisational psychologist Dr. Roger W. Birkman in 1951. In the US the Birkman Method remains a well-recognised instrument for better understanding interpersonal dynamics and achieving higher performance through positive psychology. It is used widely in the fields of career coaching, leadership development, human resources management, and organisational design.

IQ Pass

The success of IQ-Pass led to its acquisition by another Dutch company, Boels Rental, in 2017. Since its establishment in 1977, Boels Rental has grown to be one of the most renowned rental companies in Europe with the rental of machines, tools, units and catering and event equipment. It has grown from the original 20 branches in 3 countries to more than 430 branches in 11 countries. The enormous expansion of activities is based on autonomous growth as well as several strategic acquisitions and has resulted in a doubling of turnover every five years. More than 4.000 employees are working for Boels Rental including IQ-Pass.


In 2002 established the consulting company SDG (Guarantor of Safe Work) has become a real partner of safe work of Lithuanian companies in a couple of years, consulting and training company managers and employees to work safely.

Since 2011 the company has grown from one single into a group of companies – JSC SDG (consultations and training), JSC SDG kodas (trade in work clothes and personal protective equipment), JSC SDG grupė (management of group companies), JSC SDG academy (driving training) , JSC SDG statyba (services in the construction sector), VšĮ Saugi pradžia (social projects, support), consulting company OÜ Ohutu Töö Garant in Estonia and SIA Droša darba garants in Latvia.

The services of the consulting company SDG are remarkable due to high intellectual requirements for the employees. 98 percent of all employees have higher education. The provided services need excellent understanding of legislation and its application to companies.

JSC "Bavarus"

JSC “Bavarus” was established in 2009. It is a family business involving all family members. The company has been engaged in wholesale of textile products for ten years already. That includes wholesale of yarns, fabrics, needles and sewing threads. JSC “Bavarus” is doing business to business and provides that help to operate a furniture industry and haberdashery companies effectively. Over the years of operation, the company with its professional and at the same time innovative solutions has managed to bring together a fair number of loyal customers. The company currently works with more than 50 small and medium-sized companies in Lithuania and abroad.

GEA Farm Technologies

GEA is one of the largest suppliers for food processing technology and of related industries. The global group specializes in machinery, plants, as well as process technology and components. The case researchers and case writers have conducted primary research by collecting qualitative data in interviews with executive management and senior manager from innovation, service, marketing and research & development as well as quantitative data from GEA Farm Technologies. The case authors developed a student-centred, problem-based teaching case study on the basis of this data set.

ifm electronic

ifm electronic is a world-market leading service-oriented sensor specialists. The family-owned company employs more than 7,300 employees in over 95 countries worldwide. Even though ifm electronic has grown into a big company the founders and owners have still maintained the virtues of the founding years: The flexibility and individuality of a small enterprise and the quality and professionalism of a global group. The case researchers and case writers have conducted primary research by collecting qualitative through interviews with executive management and company owners as well as quantitative data from ifm electronic. The case authors developed a student-centred, problem-based teaching case study on this basis.

Glendalough Whiskey

Glendalough Distillery was established in 2013. Located just outside Dublin, Ireland in the picturesque Wicklow mountains, it is nestled near a 6th century monastic site founded by St Kevin, who features on all of their bottles. Initially, while waiting for their own whiskey to mature, they distilled poitín, a traditional Irish moonshine distilled from sugar beet and barley and temporarily sourced whiskey from the Cooley Distillery. Finally, in 2019 they were ready to launch their own product, a single pot still made from a mash bill of malted barley and matured in bourbon casks for 3 years. Since then, the company has grown at a rapid pace, expanding the product range which includes wild botanical gins and whiskey matured in Irish Oak casks. Glendalough Distillery now exports to over 40 countries globally and has won prestigious awards such as the double gold in San Francisco World Spirits Awards, The Gin Masters, IWSC and the Irish Gin Awards. In 2021 the Glendalough was named Sustainable Distillery of the year in Whiskeys Magazines Icon’s Awards. Now owned by the Canadian Mark Anthony Brands International, new horizons are opening up globally to grow the brand.


With headquarters in Westport, Ireland, Portwest is an international designer, manufacturer and distributor of workwear and safetywear serving 130 countries worldwide. Positioning itself as a ‘sole supplier’ owing to the depth and breadth of product assortment, Portwest provides high stock availability of products differentiated by quality and cost. Aligned with this capability is significant investment in R&D enabling innovative product design, often in partnership with customers.

Allied with an aggressive growth strategy of 20% year on year, Portwest’s CEO Harry Hughes aims to achieve €1 billion turnover by 2025.