GEA Farm Technologies

New market entrance projects for a small company: Responding sustainable development guidelines

  • Case study on Master level
  • Reference No. ECASA_2021_6 EN


JSC “Žemaičiių virvės” is small company operating in Lithuania. The company has developed its activity in cord and rope production. To guarantee high quality production and to satisfy growing customer needs and requirements, the company pays considerable attention to new technologies. The company’s products are sold in the country’s supermarkets and supplied to foreign markets. An in-depth interview with the company’s manager was conducted to identify the problems that JSC “Žemaičių virvės” faces. Projects drive change in organizations and open up growth opportunities. Therefore, students are introduced to core concepts such as projects, role of the projects aiming the development and growth of the company, barriers and factors of market entrance., the importance of stakeholders and risk identification and risk analysis and planning how to deal with risks. The case focuses on new projects that respond Sustainable development guidelines (SDG).

Learning objectives

  • To identify and evaluate the challenges and requirements of particular foreign market.
  • To identify, evaluate and justify scalable products that ensure sustainable economic growth of the company;
  • To investigate barriers and factors of market entrance.
  • To develop project business case and plan.
  • To develop strategy of project risk and quality assurance.


  1. Ruta Ciutiene (Kaunas University of Technology)
  2. Evelina Meiliene (Kaunas University of Technology)


Projects, stakeholders, risk management, sustainable development, foreign market, project quality assurance.

Case Partners

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  • IQ Pass – Control Systems
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